Martha began dancing at the age of 4 thanks to her mother Anastasia, who traveled with Martha all around Adelaide and Australia for dance competitions.

Martha’s journey started at Johnny Young Talent School singing, dancing and acting. Every time Johnny Young would visit Adelaide, he would seek out to find his Shirley Temple (as he had nicknamed her).  This was the start of the dance passion that Martha still has today.  At the age of 8 Martha went on to join the number one Calisthenics Club, Marden. Here she shined as a Soloist and Troupe Dancer making her the lead of all Troupe routines.  Her mother Anastasia would work 2 jobs to ensure Martha would achieve all that she could as a dancer. At the age of 13, Martha enrolled in the Norwood Ballet Centre. Under the guidance of Owner/Principal Jackie Thompson, she attended Jazz Ballet classes.  Jackie saw the potential in Martha and asked her to start teaching classes.  At the age of 16, Martha worked a 9 – 5 office job and would then go straight to the dance studio and teach until 9.30 pm every night.

There were a lot of dance opportunities for Martha including auditioning for the Australian Drill Team.  Over 500 girls attended this audition and Martha was chosen to be a part of a Troupe of 60 girls for events like SANFL Grand Finals, Australian Grand Prix Extravaganzas, Australia Day Parades.  She was also a cheerleader for the Breakers Gridiron Football Club leading to the role of Head Choreographer.

At the age of 22, Martha married her high school sweetheart John and they have 2 amazing boys. But the passion for dance was always there.

In 2015 Martha became the first Adelaide Dance Fitness Instructor for a Sydney based company.  Seeing and realising her own potential, Martha decided to start her own SA Owned business Just Dance Fitness with Martha on 16th September 2019.


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